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Planning for your Financial Success when living and working Overseas

This is an important issue if you plan to stay overseas for more than even one year.  While it is great to see the world, and have lots of "experiences" - it can all lose its luster if you return home broke, or have trouble eating when you get old.

What to do?

This section is designed to help you think about your financial future and to, perhaps, build a plan.  While working overseas you should view yourself as a "private contractor" rather than as an employee. 

The reason for this that you will typically be hired to work on one-year contracts.  No employer is looking after your future or assuring your financial security.  Things like 401k accounts, IRAs, etc. - just don't happen.  So, you need to take a look at how to take care of yourself rather than relying on someone else to do it for you.


There are many investment options to consider with your potential savings.  And there are many options for taking care of what you have back home.  We hope to take a look at many of them.

My Personal Experience

When I first went overseas, I had little in the way of real assets.  Since 1992, I have saved enough to buy and pay off three investment properties, pay off all my bills (I am debt free!), and put a little money in the stock market - as well as to have a little cash floating around.  Not bragging - it is all really quite modest - but I did do it ALL while working overseas.  You can too.

Here's the directory for this section:

Planning for Your Financial Success

What kind of bank accounts do I need?
Should I get an international ATM card?

Should I invest in my new country or my old country?

Should I invest in real estate or the stock market?

How can I manage real estate from overseas?

Should I open a brokerage account?  Can I open one from overseas?

Keeping a "Plan A" - B, and C: Contract “flexibility” and other problems.


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