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Where can I find good advice?

It seems like every TEFL website has an "agenda"
- how can I get unbiased information?

Most websites have something to sell.  Be particularly careful of websites that make TEFL sound like a one-year party of just chatting with your students and partying with the local folks. 

What TEFL Daddy offers

TEFL is my passion and my way of life since 1992.  I am hoping that I can help you - over at TEFL Newbie

Where should I go for unbiased information?

Time to grow up - everywhere has biased information.  Even my opinions are biased by my experiences and preferences.  Best example: I think you should teach in a tropical country because I HATE cold weather!  That's true!

Try some discussion forums, but be careful about the advice given.

Eyes Wide Open

Keep your eyes open when you visit any website.  You would if you were looking for something to buy, right?  What is all the advertising about?  What are they trying to sell you?  

Bottom line

Take it all with a grain of salt.  There will be people on the discussion boards who feel that you MUST make the same decision they did (You know some of these people already, right?  You don't have to go overseas to meet them!). 

There are people who want to discourage your competition in their market, want to steer you away from their little "secret".  There are also angry and unhappy people on discussion boards.  Happy, well-adjusted people, are out enjoying their lives and don't tend to post on discussion boards quite as much as the disenfranchised do.

On the other Hand

 There are more people out there than you can believe, who are very willing to help you in every possible way.  All you have to do is ask.  They've helped me at one time or another.  They will help you too!  Really!

Get a variety of opinions - don't just listen for what you want to hear.  It's better to hear the good and the bad.  Have a friend or spouse argue all the points with you. 

Only you can make the right decision for you.


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