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Should I sell or rent out my house while I am abroad?

What should I do with my house?

If you are smart enough to already own your home - good for you!  Should you sell it or rent it out?  The answer depends a lot on  your emotional attachment to your home.  Do you view it as just an investment - or as some place sacred for you to keep and treasure all your life?

An Investment

Financial security is an important issue for those of us who live overseas.  I would encourage you to view your home as just an investment.  Don't sell it, keep it for long term gain - if - you live in an area where you can expect prices to appreciate in the long term.  If it is not, sell it and invest the money elsewhere.  If you plan on returning home in only a few years - keep it, but rent it out for the income. 

Rent it out

If you view your home as an investment, you should rent it out so it produces some income - or return on investment for you.  This is money you can save for later in life or for your return to your home country.  Use your property to secure your future.

Professional Management

Get professional management. They know how to manage property the right way.  It's what they do.  Don't leave such a valuable asset in the hand of amateurs - like friends or family.

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