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Should I invest in my new country or my old country?

What should I do with my savings?

Only my opinion, I am not a financial consultant, but unless you plan on spending a long time overseas - invest in your home country.

There will be times when you might become aware of unusual or special opportunities for investment in your new country. 

I would advise staying away from them unless you have lived there for several years and have a strong understanding of the financial and legal system where you are. 

Most of us don't have that understanding, and foreigners are often fair game for a good fleecing. 

Yes, you can always check websites that offer global financing tips like the popular Motley Fool, but nothing beats first-hand experience and knowledge. Your researching can only take you so far, when it comes right down to the nitty-gritty detail of investing, you're better of doing damage on a territory you're familiar with and have connections on.

Long-Term Investing

If you plan to live in a certain country for the rest of your life and perhaps to retire there, then, and only then, should you consider investing in that country.  And first, be sure to listen to the old "war stories" of people who have gone down that path before.  You work hard for your money, be careful not to blow it on something you have not researched carefully. 

The Discussion Boards

I read people talking about investments on the TEFL discussion boards - and they often, sadly, have no idea what they are talking about.  I have an MBA, have invested carefully for thirty years in real estate and in the stock market, yet often hear 21-year-olds tell me which way the US dollar is going to move against the Korean won. 

Flip a coin - even experienced traders with years of Wall Street experience rarely really know.  Get your investment advice from your own personal research, pay a professional for good research, or don't invest. 

Don't get your investment advice from English teachers.  Just my opinion.


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