A Practical Guide to Teaching English Abroad

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To TEFL or not to TEFL
- that is the question -

How to make the best decision for you
and your life.

Wow.  Tough decision to make.
Easy for some.  Difficult for others. 
It was hard for me.

An Introduction to TEFL and the TEFL Lifestyle - PART TWO

This section is meant to get you closer to a decision by taking a look at some of the issues involved and helping you find more information.

It will help you find information on the Internet from people who have nothing to sell - or where you can at least clearly see their agenda. 

This section will also help you decide if you might need some training before you head out to teach people who have paid their hard-earned money for your classroom time.

It will help you take a look at what you bring to the table.  To find your “special” skills that make you unique and desirable in the TEFL world.

This section will also help you decide if TEFL is appropriate for you if you have children and/or a partner/spouse that would accompany you.

Section Two will also show you how to search the job market.  To consider possible jobs and potentially appropriate countries for you.  And how to decide what might be best.

We will also look at how “safe” life overseas is for single women and families.

And what your social life overseas might be like?  Will you be lonely?

This section will also help you know what teaching is like.  And what a “typical day” might be like.

Health is a real concern.  We will also consider if life overseas is healthy?  What about places where you can’t drink the water?

What if you have special medical needs?  Or need certain medicines?  A page will address those issues for you too.

Are you a vegetarian or do you have special dietary wants and/or needs?  Might that be a problem?  We'll take a look at it.

 We will also consider the cost of living and how to factor it into your situation.

And, what if things just don't work out?  What’s the downside?

Finally, we will consider how long it might take you to “adjust” and get into the groove of overseas life.

Click on the links to get down to specifics:

How to Make the Best Decision for You

Where can I find good advice?

Will I need some training first?

What do I bring to the table?  Finding your “special” skills.

What if I have children?  What about my partner/spouse?

How to search the job market – possible jobs – possible countries.  How would I decide?

How “safe” is life overseas for single women or families?

What is the social life overseas like?  Will I be lonely?

What is teaching like?  What is a “typical day” like?

Is life overseas healthy?  I hear you can’t drink the water?

What if I have special medical needs?  Need certain medicines?

What if I am a vegetarian or have special dietary wants and/or needs?

 What’s the cost of living?

What’s the downside?  What if things don’t work out?

How long does it take to “adjust” and get into the groove of overseas life?


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