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Organizing to move Overseas

What things should I take care of before I go?

Too many things to remember to do!?  This section can help you think about them methodically and make a list of what needs to get done - before you go.

Here's the section in a nutshell - by no means an exhaustive list - and some things fit better in places like the financial section - but I've tried to give you links back and forth as needed.

Should I buy health insurance?

How should I budget for the transition?  How much money should I take with me?

How do I send money home?

Should I set up any special banking or financial accounts?

What should I do with my house?  Rent it out or sell it?

What possessions should I sell?  Which should I store?

What responsibilities do I have to my home country before I go?

Should I keep a mailing address in my home country?

By the time you get to this point - I assume you have already made a decision to go - so don't procrastinate - get on with it!  Things you take care of now, you won't have to take care of later - or rely on friends or family back home to take care of for you.


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