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What kind of plane tickets should I buy when heading to my first TEFL job?

What about Moving Expenses?

Decisions, decisions . . .  I advocate a conservative choice of an open one-year return ticket.  Just in case things fall apart and you hate your job.  You'll have this ticket in your back pocket and you won't have to worry about it.

One Way

That said, I think most people head overseas on a one-way ticket.  Partly because they think they will want to go traveling and not head right home - after their first year overseas.  And, also, secretly - I think they KNOW they will want to continue working overseas.

Employer's Tickets

Some employers will provide your ticket or reimburse you for your tickets either on arrival or after a certain period of time (they don't want to pay for your ticket just to have you bolt after a week on the job).  Wait to buy it - until you know what they will do.  Sometimes, this is all a very last minute nail-biting situation.  That's just how it is.  Get used to it.

Easy enough, eh?

Moving Expenses

Be realistic about what you need to take with you and your actual moving expenses should not be much more than just your plane ticket.  We discuss elsewhere on this website the costs of setting up your new home.

Know that overweight baggage fees are very expensive and can easily exceed hundreds of dollars - even for just one bag!  Double check your weight allowance and invest in a small scale and weigh your bags before heading to the airport.  Be particularly careful of things like books as they are very heavy.


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