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Socialization and Acceptance

Can karaoke really get me a raise?
Should I socialize with the people at work?

I am convinced that I once got a nice raise (the very next work day!) because I went singing with the boss and other administrators.  In some cultures, after work socialization is very important (it is in ours too - isn't it?).

Because of the great cultural divide, it is quite useful to socialize with your coworkers - on their terms and in their ways - to help them get to know you.  Make an effort and actually sing if asked.  BTW, nobody cares if you sing well, it's only that you make the effort!  And, once you do it a few times, you'll love it!

Socializing with Coworkers?

Why not?  You did back home, didn't you?  I know most of my long-term friends are people I met at one workplace or another - and that is even more true now.

Do it just to be polite.  But also be open to finding some new friends.

Be careful, however, of getting sloppy drunk or becoming too familiar with members of the other sex until you know your coworkers a bit better - and the culture a bit better.  You don't want to start off on the wrong foot.

Now get out there and SING!


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