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Adults or Kids - Your students want you to know what you are doing in their classroom - you CAN make a difference in their lives.

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In Classroom TEFL Training Recommendation:

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TEFL Daddy's Recommended
Online TEFL Training Course

How do I know this Online TEFL course is any good?
 I wrote it!

I cut out the fluff and filler that other courses give you (like why we liked Mr. Roberts in the sixth grade, but didn't like cranky old Miss Hollis in the third grade . . . ) and got down to brass tacks about what makes a good teacher - what you REALLY need to know.  This course is the culmination of my years of experience teaching overseas - added to my masters degree in education - mixed in with my post-graduate certificate in TEFL - plus my years of teacher training in Saudi Arabia, Korea and Taiwan and more -- and out comes a useful course for everyone.

Of course - if you can afford a full scale in-classroom course, that is definitely better.  I won't try to convince you otherwise.  But some people can't afford the time or 4-6 weeks of not working and for many countries and many jobs - no certification at all is required. So this is a good way to get the basics inexpensively and boost up your resume/CV to outrun the competition.

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