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The TEFL Job Search
Getting Organized

Once you've made the decision to go . . .

Sooner or later, you have to actually make a few decisions in life - and this section assumes you have made one and you are ready to go!

The TEFL Job Search

This is, for me, the fun part.  You'll find hunting for a job teaching English overseas much less humiliating that the job hunt back home.   In fact, not humiliating at all.   Schools and companies overseas actually NEED and WANT you!  WoW!  Kind of a nice self-esteem thing . . .  and the first dramatic change that this life can bring to you.


Go to the Super TEFL FAQ List for more in-depth coverage of the issues we will address here.  From whether to use a recruiter or not (I did one time!) to what forms and documents you will need to have - to what to expect in interviews and more more more!

This is a short page as I want you to get to work on this dream of yours - that can be a reality in just a few weeks!

Now that you have made the decision, I will allow myself, just for a brief moment, to be a salesman for the TEFL Career.  Preaching to the choir - so to speak.

A Short Personal Story

My wife and I sometimes look at each other and say, "Would you ever have imagined, a year before we left, that we could have done all the things we have done?  That we would have worked and lived in so many countries?  That we would have been able to travel to so many different countries?  That we could have learned and experienced so much?"   Our answer is always, "Nope, could never have imagined it!"   It still surprises us!

This life can be real for you! 

Teaching English Overseas: can exceed your imagination.  When you are on the discussion boards look for some of the long-term and reputable posters.  Ask them!

Get started now!

The TEFL Job Search

Should I use a recruiter?

Should I send e-mails and letters?  Or call?

What about CVs and Resumes?  The same as back home?

Can I find an EFL job in the area of  my special interest?

How do I market myself?  How can I make myself attractive to a potential employer?

What are the interviews like?  Can you give me some tips?

What about telephone interviews?

What documents do I need to have?

Should I send my original degree(s)/certificate(s) to a recruiter or potential employer?

Is my appearance important?  What about tattoos, piercings, etc.?

What if I am handicapped?

What is the rejection rate?

How quickly might I find a job?


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