A Practical Guide to Teaching English Abroad

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Working Teaching English Abroad
for Long Periods of Time

What things should I be thinking about?

Think networking, at home and overseas, and think about continuing or improving your credentials.  Think about all the things you would do if you were still back home.


Is even more important overseas.  You can, at times, line up good jobs via friends - with only cursory interviews.  Contacts and networking work for you even better overseas than back home.  Keep in touch with people you work with.  They will move on to other, often better jobs, and so will you.  You never know when your paths may meet again.  Or, when you might be able to help each other.

Back Home

Don't forget to keep in touch with your contacts and friends back home.  You never know when you might want to head back.  Invite them to visit you, be a great host, give them the vacation of a life time!  It could well pay dividends if you were to need a job back home on short notice.  But, also, just do it for fun - not just to create an obligation.

Visit your Friends, Bosses and Coworkers

When you go back home, make sure you visit your old coworker, bosses, and friends.  Nothing is worse than coming back home "cold" - having lost all your old contacts.  The work/job hunt environment back home, to me, is much more difficult than it is overseas.  Much more impersonal, much more dehumanizing.  Do your best to keep it personal, with a good list of personal contacts.

Improve your Credentials

Take another training course, get another degree.  Some jobs overseas are only four days a week and you may get long vacations if you are lucky.  Use that time to improve your credentials - so you can continue to move up the ladder and improve your wages, benefits, and free time.

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