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What kinds of TEFL jobs are out there?

What TEFL jobs exist?   What might I look for?

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More types of jobs exist than you or I can imagine.

Almost every area of international business and industry, when operating overseas, needs some level of EFL instruction.  Most non-English speaking countries have large EFL industries teaching English to children and/or adults.  Universities in non-English speaking countries around the world have EFL programs for their students.  Major international hospitals need EFL training for their doctors, nurses, receptionists, call centers, etc. 

International airlines often need EFL training for their staff, as do travel agencies, hotels, tour guides, scuba instructors, as just about everything that has to do with the hospitality, travel, and tour industries.

Even the armies, navies, and air forces of the world need EFL instruction, as do police forces in countries and cities where English speaking tourists and/or residents are common.

What this means

This is all good for the "newbies" in the TEFL world - as it means that there may well be a teaching job out there that is related to your previous employment and for which you would be a "natural" - having knowledge of the special vocabulary and needs of that type of job.

Keep your mind open

So many possibilities exist that you need to be creative in looking for them.  Not all of them will be traditionally advertised.  Not all of them will be familiar to the typical poster on the Internet's TEFL discussion boards.  All these options exist in addition to all the traditional school-based TEFL jobs - that are, in fact, very easy to find and land.


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