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How should I budget for the transition and move Overseas?

How much money should I take with me?

Plan for enough to get you set up, deal with any possible major problems, and even enough to get yourself back home and set up there - just in case. 

Figure out how much that will cost you - and set that money aside.  Don't spend it.  It is your safety net.

Plan Conservatively

I am a financial conservative, so I will suggest that you plan for the very worst scenario - then you won't have to worry at all.  I know that people sometimes head overseas with only a couple hundred bucks and somehow do just fine.  And, in fact, most people really do just fine.  Only a small minority have any real trouble, and even then people who are willing to tough it out - usually survive.

Plan Optimistically

You are not probably going to get paid until the first day of the month after the first complete month you work.  Sometimes sooner, but that is most common.  Plan on needing to buy basic foods and maybe a towel, soap, toilet paper and other basic necessities.  A good guide would be to take with you - at least what you will earn the first month on the job.  If you can, take two months.

Plan your Return

Make sure to set aside, or save as soon as you can, the funds you would need to completely set yourself up at home - should you find you hate working overseas.

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