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How do I plan and budget for the transition home?

Heading back home can be expensive!

I think returning home is more expensive than heading overseas.  Usually, heading overseas, you'll already have a job set up.  Your employer might be picking up your plane ticket, housing - and other start-up expenses.  Also, life overseas is just a less competitive environment.  You won't feel nearly as pressured to have a nice car, have the latest bling, all the latest gadgets, and so on.

Plan  your Costs

If you haven't bought a home with your overseas savings (many people do!), plan on several months rent, plus security deposits of a month or two.  Don't forget the costs of turning on the utilities or changing them over to your name.


Where I come from, you have to have a car.  Public transportation is inadequate. So, the costs of a car and insurance must be factored in (big expenses!).

The Reverse Job Hunt

Plan on at least a month or two of expenses before you land the right job.  Add in the cost of appropriate clothing if you don't have it.

Can Do!

Approach the return home with the same spirit you headed off overseas.  For me, after being overseas since 1989 - it really would be heading to another foreign country!  I truly feel I belong where I live now.  And when I go back to the States to visit my brothers, I feel a bit out of place.

Read the section about Reverse Culture Shock to understand what you might go through.


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