A Practical Guide to Teaching English Abroad

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Who does TEFL jobs & why?

Who might my TEFL coworkers be?

A very wide variety of people! 
You will be quite surprised - maybe even shocked.

Who are they?

To a large extent they are people just like you.  People who saw an interesting opportunity and took it. 

Recently I went out for dinner with an experienced lawyer from Chicago who had just finished his TEFL certification course. 

I've met other former lawyers, a hotel manager, tennis instructor, construction worker, retired military people, social workers, business managers, a factory manager, journalist, psychotherapist, retail sales staff, public school teachers, retired people, a petroleum engineer, and many more.  And those are only the ones I asked!  After a while - you won't even be surprised any more! 

Why are they teaching EFL overseas?

Why not!  You will sometimes hear people talking about "running away from it all" and "escaping America" (or other countries).  But more often people are running to what they see as an interesting and exciting lifestyle opportunity.  Fulfillment of a dream of actually experiencing the world, rather than just seeing it through the window of a tour bus or a television.

Why do they stay overseas?

Now that's the hard question.  Mostly because they are enjoying themselves, meeting their personal and financial goals, and just don't feel the need to go home.  I recently retired abroad.  Did I start out with that goal?  No.  But I love it!

Most people do go home permanently at some point, but there is a small percentage of us who find the lifestyle just too enjoyable to go back "home."  For me - now - "home" is a wonderful tropical island that I may never leave!


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