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Do I need a will if I stay
overseas a long time?

What would I need one for?

Ask an attorney in your home country, in your province/state.  Laws vary a lot from place to place. 

A will would be important if you have saved a substantial amount, invested a bit, and bought some real estate.  A will would particularly be important if you have invested and saved and are married or have family you care about.

Most people who stay overseas, have at one time or another, saved some serious money by putting in a long stretch in the Middle East, Korea, or Japan. 

Many of us have bought real estate and have investments we have organized for our later years.  Protect those investments - and see what you need to do to pass them to the person or people of your choice - should you leave this earth suddenly.

Protect those things that you have worked long and hard for - make sure they get passed to the people you would prefer.  Don't leave it to a government official to decide - okay?

Just because your are working and living overseas - don't overlook good financial planning.  See that section on this website also.


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