57155.com_【官方首页】-澳门威尼斯人  1. 这里的气候与昆明的气候一样好。 (as… as)

  2. 她再也不像过去那样讲和笑。(no longer)

  3. 我们对世界了解得越多,我们将取得更大的成功。(the more… the more)

  4. 只要我们不失去信心,我们会找到办法克服困难的方法。(As long as

  5. 无论谁做这事都没有什么区别。(whoever)

  6. 一旦她开始跳舞,她就忘记了时间。(Once)

57155.com_【官方首页】-澳门威尼斯人  7. 这座山是那么高以至于我不能爬到山顶上。(… so… that)

  8. 只要你一直练习说英语,不多久你肯定会掌握它。(On condition that)

  9. 长江是中国最长的河流,去年夏天我们去参观过。(visit)

  10. 你见到过写昨天我们讨论过的那篇作文的女孩吗?(whose)

57155.com_【官方首页】-澳门威尼斯人  11.众所周知,指南针首先是中国制造的。(As)

  12. 我们需要更多的练习是十分清楚的。(practice)

  13. 你没听李老师的报告真是太遗憾了。(miss)

  14. 碰巧我那天晚上有空。(happen)

  15. 据提议试验应该在低温下做。(suggest)

57155.com_【官方首页】-澳门威尼斯人  16. 他已经做的事情与我们无关。(nothing)

  17. 她问我花了多长时间建成这座大桥。(take)

57155.com_【官方首页】-澳门威尼斯人  18. 直到昨天我才知道他要来。(not… until)

  19. 这城市不像三年前的那样子了。(used)

  20. 这正是你要寻找的东西。(look)


  1. The climate here is as good as that of Kunming.

  2. She no longer talks and laughs as she used to.

  3. The more we know the world, the more successful we will be.

  4. As long as we don’t lose heart, we’ll find a way to overcome the difficulty.

  5. Whoever does it makes no difference.

  6. Once she started to dance, she forgot about the time.

  7. The mountain is so high that I can not climb up to its top.

  8. On condition that you practise speaking English all the time, you’ll certainly master it very soon.

  9. The Yangtse River, which we visited last summer, is the longest river in China.

  10. Have you seen the girl whose composition we discussed yesterday?

  11. As is known to all, the compass was first made in China.

  12. That we need more practice is quite clear.

  13. It is a pity that you missed the lecture made by Teacher Li.

  14. It happened that I was free that evening.

  15. It is suggested that the experiment should be made under low temperature.

  16. What he has done has nothing to do with us.

  17. She asked me how long it had taken to build the bridge.

  18. It was not until yesterday that I knew he was coming.

  19. The city isn’t what it used to be three years ago.

  20. This is what you are looking for.